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      1. Brand Story

        Established in 2010, TRENDIANO is inspired by European culture with the form and fitting designed for Asian men. TRENDIANO incorporated the English term "TRENDY" with "-ANO," a morpheme derived from Italian; the combination embodies the brand's pursuit and insistence of perfectionism and modern craftsmanship. The brand brings unconventional styles and diverse choices to inspire men to explore new definition of fashion. Confident, Positive, and Enjoyable, TREDNIANO means "dare to be different and adventurous", and is willing to break the bounds and take challenges.

        TRENDIANO is under TRENDY INTERNATIONAL (HK) LIMITED. The group was founded in 1999, and earned remarkable reputation in past years. In 2012,L Capital Asia of LVMH funds TRENDY INTERNATIONAL (HK) LIMITED, which marks a major milestone in the Group's history, and has since opened up unlimited potential in global market.